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It is important to understand how Search Engines, Keywords and Phrases work together:

Over 90% of the time it Starts with a ' Google Search' 

Unless the Searcher (potential guest) knows the Name of your Accommodation, [ say: Harry's Hotel Melbourne ] they complete a 'Broad' Search.
The most widely used Search Phrase by Searchers looking for Accommodation in Melbourne, is [ melbourne accommodation ] , in fact this Search Phrase is used 18,100 per month.

Traditionally, website developers, builders and SEO experts include these keywords and phrases in their clients website, however without expensive and extensive ongoing SEO, the Keywords and Phrases are frequently not found by the Search Engines due to the static nature of Accommodation Websites.

The Answer is: Key Phrase URL's, an example being,, this Domain Name contains both of the Keywords that is used in the Search Phrase 'melbourne-accommodation', and will be presented in the Search Results to the 18,100 peaple the searched using the search phrase [ melbourne accommodation ]

The Search engines can not resist 'matching' the Domain Name and Search Phrase, therefore your Melbourne Accommodation Listing on ensures that when Searchers use the Key Phrase [ melbourne accommodation ] our website comes up on the 1st Page and your Accommodation Listing is available for Potential Guests to view and Book Direct bypassing the Overseas Booking Agents.

Another point to remember, very few Searchers click on Search Engine Results marked [Ad] so the 'Best' position is within the first 5 results under the results marked [Ad]

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Searched 14800 per month   Accommodation Gold Coast

Searched 4400 per month     Atherton Tablelands

Searched 2400 per month     Barossa Valley Accommodation

Searched 1900 per month     Coolum Accommodation

Searched 9900 per month     Margaret River Accommodation

Searched 18100 per month   Melbourne Accommodation

Searched 6600   per month   Mooloolaba Accommodation


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Websites designed to assist Australian Accommodation Hosts promote their properties and improve their Google Page Ranking


Think Differently and Win!

It is important to understand how Search Engines, Keywords and Phrases work together:


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Table 4 Eight

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Can Australian Accommodation Hosts avoid the Overseas Booking Agents

Absolutely, it is easy, it is Simple, however do the Accommodation Hosts have the ......


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Your Website Ranking is a really important measurement that is all too frequently overlooked or brushed aside as being too hard to achieve.
This can be true however True Blue Locals is achieving significant Page Ranking improvement for members.


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Firstly, True Blue Locals is NOT a BOOKING AGENT, nor are we an SEO Company or Service.
We are a Australian based Accommodation Listing Site on which you can place Listings for your Accommodation Business, we in turn then 'PUSH' your Listing out every hour to 'Google' and other Search Engines in a manner they can not ignore.


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