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Can Australian Accommodation Hosts avoid the Overseas Booking Agents

The Simple overview and answer is, 'Yes':

The Accommodation Industry can embrace a Website such as True Blue Locals, or create their own, ALL Australian Accommodation Hosts (at least 60%) place their Property Listings on the 'New' Website after which they close their Overseas Booking Agency Account.
This could easily be done in Rural Towns across Australia where 100% of the Accommodation Hosts wish to optout of the Overseas Booking Agent sites.

Instantly, Guests will no longer be able to book using the Overseas Booking Agents.

Sounds Radical, however with the support of the Australian Accommodation Industry could be put into place, quickly, smoothly and simply, however the Major 'Pitfall' will be 'Shaking Off' all of the Reasons Not to do it and getting the Idea out of the 'Too Hard' box.

The Major benefits would be:

Regaining Control of your Property Listing

Reduction in Operating Costs, Commissions and Charges.

No change to Hosts Websites.

In most cases No change to Channel Manager.

Clearly, there is a lot to think about and not much time before the Overseas Booking Agents have total control.

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Can Australian Accommodation Hosts avoid the Overseas Booking Agents

Absolutely, it is easy, it is Simple, however do the Accommodation Hosts have the ......


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Firstly, True Blue Locals is NOT a BOOKING AGENT, nor are we an SEO Company or Service.
We are a Australian based Accommodation Listing Site on which you can place Listings for your Accommodation Business, we in turn then 'PUSH' your Listing out every hour to 'Google' and other Search Engines in a manner they can not ignore.


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