Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to the Website Builder

The Link to the Website Builder becomes 'Active' on the Top Menu Line when you Login to your True Blue Locals Account.

You then taken to the Website Builder Login Page.

At this stage you create your Website Builder Login, Check your eMails for a 'Verify your eMail Address' message, click 'Confirm Now' and you should be redirected to the Website Builder.

Any Issues please let us know.


How long will it take to see the Results of Listing On True Blue Locals

We have had success in Gaining Alexa Ranking in a couple of days, however normally it is a slow and methodical process that takes 1 - 2 months for quality results to observed.

We promote your Listing hourly, along with all of the other listings on True Blue Locals.

A very frequent misunderstanding is that a Website will instantly start making money, in fact there is nothing further from the truth.

We are frequently contacted by people in 'Financial' difficulties asking for a 'Quick Fix' Website, sadly we can not help them out of difficulty instantly.

If you have any Questions please contact via email or Call 07 5494 3631


How do I list my Property

1) The first step is to Register, Registering is a two step process (to keep Scammers at bay). Submit your Registration. Confirm your Registration using the link contained in the eMail that is sent to you.

2) Complete the Annual Membership process.

3) You can now List your Property.

If you have any Questions please contact via email or Call 07 5494 3631


Who is True Blue Locals

We are an Australian family business, located in Maleny Queensland Australia.

We answer the phone, emails and return calls.


Let's Get straight to it, what are your charges and what do I get!.

Host Membership is $50.00 per year, Guest Membership is Free.

Accommodation Hosts can place as many Listing for their Accommodation as they like, including Photos.

Host Listing have Backlinks to their own Website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

Hosts websites are promoted to Google, Bing and Yahoo hourly.

Membership is valid for 365 days and can be renewed manually on an annual basis (No Automated Payments)

Guests will be able to connect with Hosts 'Free' of any charges, via the Contact Us, Hosts Website Link, Hosts Facebook page, Hosts Twitter Account, Hosts Direct e-Mail address, Hosts Direct Telephone Number.

The main feature is that there is absolutely No Booking Agent Fees or charges to either Host or Guests, the only cost is the Annual Accommodation Host Membership Fee of $50.00 ( 14 cents per day ), when compared to 10% - 20% charged by Online Booking Sites this has to make Host Membership of worth while. 


Can Guests make a Booking through

No, TrueBlueLocals is NOT a booking agent, we put Guests and Accommodation Hosts together 'Commission and Fee' Free.

You Deal Directly with your Host, and the Host deals directly with you.

We DO NOT handle Bookings, Deposits, Money.

We are just Facilitators.


How many Properties can a Host List on TrueBlueLocals

We really do not have a limit at this stage, we will see how it goes.


How Do I List my Property and Rooms, Suites, Cabin's.

goto the Home page and Select Register or the Submit Your Property Now button.

To Register for the FIRST time, complete the Registration form, click Register.

Using the Username and Password you chose during Registration, Login into your account.

To Add your Property you must first become a Member and Activate the Premium Package, select the BUY / EXTEND button, your Annual Membership fee of $50.00 will be processed through PayPal.

Once your payment has been processed, select Return To The Sellers Website.

Now, when you are logged into your account you will see that your Premium Membership has been Activated.

Select the blue Add Property Button.

Complete the Details about your Property / Rooms / Cabins / Farmstay etc:

Select Save at the bottom of the page.

Now you can add your Accommodation Photos.

You can Edit / Delete your listing at any time


Can my Staff Edit my Properties on

Anyone with knowledge of your Login Details can modify your Listings.


Can I change my Login Password

Yes, just login to your account, goto My Profile, put your new password into the password boxes and select save, jobs done.


Can I List things other than my Accommodation Property.

No, not on this site. If you have a 'Special' requirement let us know and we will try to assist you.


How long is my Membership Valid for.

365 day from the date you Up Graded to Premium Membership, you can review these details when you are Logged into your account, we will eMail you when your account is about to expire.


How long is my Listing Remain Valid for.

Same as Membership above.


Is the Membership Fee of $50.00, going to increase next year.

Absolutely No.


Is Australian Owned.

Absolutely YES.


Is there value in having Membership and Listing my Properties.

Our Membership Fee of $50.00 is equivalent to around the Commission you pay to the Booking Agents for around 3 Bookings, therefore increasing the number of Direct Bookings that you receive has to be a winner.


Why will I obtain more Direct Bookings.

True Blue Locals put the focus on improving the Page Ranking of Website within the prism of Google, Alexa and Amazon, this improved PR of your website will ensure that you have maximum exposure with the Website Search Engine world of Google, Bing, Alexa and Amazon


If you have a Question, Please Ask It so we can add it to our FAQ List.

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Think Differently and Win!

It is important to understand how Search Engines, Keywords and Phrases work together:


Early Bird Membership Renewal Bonus

Early Membership Page Ranking Bonus


Table 4 Eight

This is One way to Increase your Direct Bookings, Add an addition Income Stream to your Accommodation Business


Can Australian Accommodation Hosts avoid the Overseas Booking Agents

Absolutely, it is easy, it is Simple, however do the Accommodation Hosts have the ......


Improve Your Websites Alexa Ranking

Your Website Ranking is a really important measurement that is all too frequently overlooked or brushed aside as being too hard to achieve.
This can be true however True Blue Locals is achieving significant Page Ranking improvement for members.


About Us

Firstly, True Blue Locals is NOT a BOOKING AGENT, nor are we an SEO Company or Service.
We are a Australian based Accommodation Listing Site on which you can place Listings for your Accommodation Business, we in turn then 'PUSH' your Listing out every hour to 'Google' and other Search Engines in a manner they can not ignore.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have a number of Answered Questions here, if it happens to be the case that your Question and Answer are not here, then please contact us and we will quickly answer your question.