EMD Websites Available

Some Facts on why you need the Best Keyword Ranking:

  1. 93% of websites visits are referrals from a search engine in Australia that is Google and Bing.
  2. 70% of the links search users click on are organic.
  3. 70-80% of users completely ignore the paid ads, simply focusing on the organic results, which is why we strive to have your EDI link immediately below the Paid Links.
  4. 75% of users never view past the first page of search results.
  5. Google has shown that 18% of clicks go to the first SERP position, 10% of clicks go to the second position, and 7% of organic clicks go to the third position.
  6. Bing claims that 9.7% of organic clicks go to #1, 5.5% go to #2, and 2.7% #3.
  7. There are more than 100 billion searches being conducted each month globally.

What are EMD's (Exact Match Domains) Websites

The vast majority of Accommodation Websites are Exact Match Domains, matches exactly with the Motel name Golden Fountain which is great.
The Golden Fountain Motel is located in Rockhampton Queensland.
The most used Search Phrase for Guests looking for Accommodation in Rockhampton is ' rockhampton accommodation ', to capitalise on this we need a Domain Name and to ensure we do not get 'Marked Down' by Google we need a website attached to this Domain Name that is compatible.

Now the Golden Fountain Motel has the potential to pick up all of the rockhampton accommodation search engine traffic as well. 


We have a few EMD's that are ready to add your images, your Accommodation Information, Links to your Accommodation Website :

We have started SEO on all of them with the view to having them ALL rank on the 1st Page of Google, the SEO is 'Not Cheap', therefore we are concentrating our efforts on the EMD websites that are deposited.

The pricing structure is as follows:

Full Cost Year 1 is $580.00, which covers Website, Domain Name, Website Hosting, SEO, edits and mods to make the Website your own, absolutely NO MORE to pay.

To secure your EMD an Initial Deposit $180.00 is required, with the balance of $400.00 payable once we have the EMD on the first page of Google, 1st page of Google please allow 2 - 3 months, Bing usually takes under a month.

Full Cost for Future Years $200.00 pa, which covers Website Hosting, Domain Name Registration, SEO

As there can only be one website per EMD it will be a case of 'First In Best Dressed'


Sites already spoken for:

Rockhampton Accommodation  Searched over 2900 times per month

Motel Dalby  Searched over 170 times per month

Magnetic Island Accommodation Searched over 4000 times per month

Canberra Accommodation Searched over 9000 times per month

Warwick Accommodation Searched over 580 times per month

Cairns AccommodationSearched over 12000 times per month

Sites Immediately Available to make your own:

Sunshine Coast Accommodation Searched over 8000 times per month

Mooloolaba Accommodation Searched over 6500 times per month

Accommodation Goldcoast Searched over 14500 times per month

Atherton Tablelands Searched over 4000 times per month

Coolum Accommodation Searched over 1800 times per month

Barossa Valley Accommodation Searched over 2200 times per month

Melbourne Accommodation Searched over 18000 times per month

Margaret River Accommodation Searched over 9400 times per month

Lakes Entrance Accommodation Searched over 4000 times per month


If your location is not listed, please let us know and we will let you have the statistics.


If you have Questions, Pls call Ron 07 5494 3631